Empire State Building:

Tower Reconfiguration

This project entailed structural reinforcement upgrades of 39 tons of steel to increase the carrying capacity of the mast and tower of the Empire State Building. Alternatives to scaffolding and sidewalk bridges were needed to protect the workers and the pedestrians below.

As Site Safety Engineers, Plan B Engineering teamed up with Skanska and Thornton Tomasetti to design a sheltering “cocoon,” which sat on a 560-sq-ft aluminum elevated work platform braced by steel brackets through the conical ice shield (shattering ice falling from the tower). The outer edges of the platform were guyed by cables leading up to the roof of the cocoon and the tower above. The floor was enclosed by walls created by aluminum truss towers arranged in an octagon and bridged by panels of ballistic cloth. The assembly was designed to meet city codes for a 300-psf live load and a three-second wind gust of 98 mph.

Plan B’s site safety plan detailed how the enclosure would work during on and off hours, how materials would be transported to it, and how work would be performed inside of it, and kept the project moving smoothly for the contract duration.

Project Type:

Scaffold & Access

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