St. Martin Bell Tower Scaffold

One of the most prominent towers in the heart of Harlem, this local landmark was in dire need of exterior repairs to the water damaged roof and stone facade. The damage was so advanced, it was evaluated as “structurally unsound” and an immediate safety issue, requiring prompt shoring and bracing to support the removal of its severely deteriorated steel tower and 40 cast bronze bells. 


Providing 360-degree exterior access, PLB designed a full-height custom scaffold solution, spanning from the street level to the top of the 150 ft spire, to allow for inspections and the development of a restoration plan. Steel beams threaded through the window openings of the tower formed a scaffold platform essentially “floating” above the rotted main roof. Once the tower was stabilized, a gantry system was designed to remove the bells and steel tower for off-site restoration. Learn more about the history of this amazing historic preservation project 

Project Type:

Scaffold & Access

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